About Us

Our new home in Milton Keynes is a friendly family home, with its great location and spacious garden and parking space for all our service user(s) to enjoy 24 hour, 7day a week.

From here, we provide a residential care package which is tailored to meet the needs of each service user(s), whether they have an acquired brain injury, learning difficulties, autistic spectrum, challenging behaviour or a combination of complex needs, for example, mental health. We ensure that they have the right level of care and support. Our multi-disciplinary clinical support team includes a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and Speech & Language Therapist.


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Our Mission Statement 


We provide the highest level of care to our service users and work closely with, their families and the health and social services to promote choice and independence amongst our service users by working in a person-centred way.


Risk Management


  • We will curry out  individual risk assessment and strive to provide the best opportunities and choices within this framework.

  • We will enable our service users to try different activities and experiences.

  • We will manage responsibly any risks relating to health, neglect, violence, aggression, self-harm or harm from others, exploitation and community access.

  • We hold the following policies: Equality and Diversity policy, Equal Opportunities policy, Human Rights policy and Safeguarding Adults etc.



What makes us different


At MK Supported Housing, we ensure that the environment is conducive to meeting the cognitive, communication, behavioural, psychological, social and cultural needs of our service users; A variety of meaningful activities are offered to our service users appropriate to their ability; We deliver a well-planned, goal orientated interventions; and Support the person, their families and carers to contribute to the care planning process.

We treat each and every resident as an individual. As part of the process of moving in, we talk in depth to each service user ,their families, friends and or representatives so that we have a clear and detailed view of each residents’ needs, hobbies, interests, former careers, favourite foods and so on.

This helps us not only to deliver the best possible care for each resident, but to see each service user as a person. By preserving dignity, respecting independence and promoting life enrichment, we help to create a real sense of home.

Supporting the Individual


We will:

  • Take time to understand the daily routine of each service user- cultural needs and beliefs, personal care, activities, leisure interests and domestic tasks.

  • Maintain the individual’s dignity and privacy.

  • Offer support to develop new skills and increase confidence.


Working Alongside Us

We will liaise directly with the Learning Disability Team, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and a range of therapists including speech and occupational therapists.

MK Supported Housing Ltd  will also work in close partnership with CCG and the Independent Advocate Service and we will employ and work alongside a number of specialist and professionals as and when required.