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Person centred care is the cornerstone of every service delivered by MK Supported Housing, We aim to work in partnership with our service user(s) and develop realistic and achievable person centred care plans. We are honest with our service user(s) about what we can achieve and we work hard to find a solution which works for them. Our aim is to develop the optimal balance between the non-clinical and clinical needs of our service user(s) and always provide a service which supports the life which our service user(s) and their family members wish to lead.

Our person centred care approach enables clients and their family members to become directly involved in defining the delivery of their care. Service user(s) play a pivotal role in the delivery of their care and we encourage their involvement in a range of activities including.

  • Defining the person centred care package, service rotas and the profile of staff to be involved.

  • Interviewing candidates to ensure a suitable match with their requirements.

  • Input into the on-going assessment and review of staff.

Following completion of a person centred care plan, we formalise our approach to care through providing clients with a welcome pack.

Challenging Behaviour is described as “challenging when it is of such intensity, frequency or duration as so to threaten the quality of life and/or the physical safety of the individual or others and is likely to lead to responses that are restrictive, aversive or result in exclusion.” (Unified Approach 2007).

Our Staff are trained to identify factors that most likely precede or follow behavioural occurrence. We focus upon developing the skills and understanding of those who provide direct support and improving the overall quality of life for the individuals who challenge.

At MK Supported Housing, we provide a residential a care package which is tailored to meet the needs of each service user(s) through a person-centred care plan which we will review with you regulary to ensure it remains relevant and effective at meeting your needs.


We will support you to access the right level of care and support. Where needed, we will refer you to other specialist services such as the Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and Speech & Language Therapist if you need the support. 

Quality support - We make sure that you are involved in making decisions about your home and all aspects of your life. We also make sure that you are happy with the support provided and where you live. We do this through support plans and we have many other quality monitoring procedures to make sure you are receiving the support that you need.

  • Residential Care Homes are monitored and regulated by the Care Quality Commission. We also carry out our own internal quality checks  and audits regulayr to monitor quality of our service provision.